Sewing right along….

cat backHere is the Kitty Quilt for Cardinal Glennon PICU in St Louis, MO.

quilting hearts I tried a little Free Motion Quilting using the Heart theme.   It was challenging and I need more practice, but the little one’s won’t be looking at the stitches.   Just all the Kitty Cats.

smlCatQuilt A Nice size  2.5 yard x wof  size.   The panels measure 13wide x 12tall  with sashing 3 inches before sewing.  The top photo shows more Kat FABRIC…

DSCN6291I am 5′ & 2.5″ tall so you can see the quilt size better… and ME  holding it.  Dark brown binding finished it all off so It can be reversible.    Now to get it in the mail.

And I’m back to working in the Garden.. quilt pattern, that is.   I find I can only sew for a short period of time with the 9960 machine.  It doesn’t “sit down” inside the cabinet and that extra bit of height, really kills my back .. The adjustable chair helps, but it isn’t HIGH enough.   Or the machine isn’t LOW enough.   Short periods of sewing and I can accomplish quilt a lot..


These are the last 2 rows of flowers I have set up for the Quilt.. I’m already thinking of how to finish the border and  binding…  More to follow as I  Keep ON SEWING….

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One Response to Sewing right along….

  1. Blondie says:

    Loving all the creations! Your FMQ’ing is looking jes’ fine.
    Hugs to You, all 5’2, eyes of blue. Coo coo a choo

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