Cats and Quilts

DSCN6274This is Smudge, the short-haired black cat who adopted us.   Her mama dropped her off in the back yard and she “melted” our hearts.. She has come to visit me every morning as I sit at the computer surfing the internet.. Yes, I think she is learning to read… or is it the little arrow that she loves?

Part of my computer wanderings led me to those BIG BLOCKs…OR one block quilts..   I used the 10 inch half hexi template from Missouri Quilt Company. com.   These finish at 33 x 33 inches without any borders..   I can see them in baby colors or flannel.   Just right for that New Born!!

Or make 4 of them and have a nice size lap quilt!!   6 should make a twin  and 12 a double bed size.   What a fast way to make a top…now to get it sandwiched and quilted!!

DSCN6267 DSCN6269

Speaking of baby quilts,  I gotta get one done for a special lady who donates them all to Cardinal Glennon PICU down in St Louis, Mo. area.   Her Grandson is a survivor of a “shaken Baby” incident…. Thanks to the staff and doctors  at the afore mentioned ICU.     If ya want to help out, just leave a comment and I’ll get the particulars to you.


This one will be on its way to her this coming week.  And I have another needing some backing fabric & quilting that should be finished soon.  Measures 48 X 40 (I think)    Crib size for sure.

Yes, I got side tracked and the Garden is being neglected… I am waiting for warmer temps and more time… The PICU quilts just had to be done and sent first.  It’s MY priorities and those little ones needed a quilty hug.

SnIL had his birthday again this year…. lots of cake & ice cream, but NO PICTURES.  He thinks 44 is too old for a fuss to be made.. (we did sing Happy Birthday to him among all his protesting).

That is the way it is in My world — GRANNY


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