Egg coloring

We.. rather I should say DD#2 wanted to color eggs this year… It’s been well over 15 years since her last adventure into the ART of egg coloring..  It’s a bit fun to see if our memories are as accurate as the actual thing…    The mess was as I recalled.   The sponge method was all DD#2’s and It took some practice….  but we have lots of color!!     everywhere!!   esp the fingers!!


DSCN6258DSCN6256 DSCN6260 DSCN6262 DSCN6264

The Vet gave the LADIES  a clean bill of health.. we just have to watch for vomiting or diarrhea.  So far all we’ve noticed is they don’t run up and down the stairs as easily or as fast as they did before the Raccoon encounter.     They are Not jumping up on the Beds either——






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One Response to Egg coloring

  1. DD#2 says:

    12 colored eggs equals lots of tuna & egg salad!!! 🙂

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