It’s Easter Week end

Was woke up in the middle of the night by a big ol’ fight between the dogs and a raccoon out in the back yard.   Son In Law let the  Ladies out for a potty break at 10:30 and they found something invading their yard!!   He did go out and separate them long enough for the raccoon to escape…   But both dogs (the Ladies) are showing their age.  We checked them over real good and no apparent damages were found.  This morning they both are limping and moaning.. yes Moaning when they jumped off the bed and climbed the stairs.     Sat Morning and the vet visit is happening as I type this.   DD#2 has the taxi duty.


I’m trying to get a couple of table runners finished for Spring using this Friendship Star paired with a 9 patch pattern.  This is a Christmas fabric Star…  But I want SPRING..

friend 1 friend 2 paired w 9patch

Bright, HUH??

runnersmlThis border and sashing toned it down a bit.. Now don’t this just say  EASTER to you??

Block sizes are 6.5 before trimming.. Fabric is a Jelly Roll from Big Lots.  I used about 8 strips of fabric to make the whole top as you see in the above photo.  I cut the dark purple in half length-wise for the sashing.   And My stash of turquoise fabric for the backing (not shown).  Measures 12 inches wide x 32 long without the backing.. Backing is 18 x wof.  I quilt the top before adding it to the backing.   The backing has applique applied and sewn edges..


All I need to do is   Slap these two together!!!!  Hopefully today!!


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2 Responses to It’s Easter Week end

  1. DD#1 says:

    Beautiful! Question: you quilt the top before you add the backing? Do you later quilt it in the ditch when it’s together? Or just bind it together? Love you…Happy Easter!

  2. DD#1 says:

    Hope the puppies are ok!! Hugs…

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