Sewing Madness



Where have I been this past week??   Well right here at one or the other sewing machines.   I promised a baby quilt and that deadline snuck up on me.   Along with a bout of stomach problems which seems to come with a bit of stress.    Baby quilt is done and before the end of the month, too!!     A trip to Big lots and I found more FABRIC…. so I finished out my “Trippin’ Quilt”.  Queen size at this point.. Still have backing and binding to do..

trippin topIt’s time to get back to MY GARDEN… I have 2 more rows of flowers to get lined up and sewn, then the top is done..  I’m not sure of the pattern to use when quilting it.  But I’ll have to wait on the order Of thread I placed before I can get back to it.   I ran very short on white thread and had to put The Garden on hold for a bit.

When the big snow storm hit us, I was feeling the worst with my stomach so I just rested , took meds and tried to get some sleep in my recliner.  Thank Goodness I have THAT chair, otherwise I’d be in a world of trouble.. pain and NO sleep makes a very grouchy ME.

Have to run and put a salad together for our dinner.   I made meat balls and pasta in red sauce.. Gotta have the salad and wine with this one!!

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