Playing in the Garden

 It’s time to start thinking of the warmer days ahead .. Ya all know I am a gardener and have my flower beds filled with bulbs, rose bushes and little turtles (cement).. but they will really bloom when  I get the pansies planted!!   I love them little Violets, too.   Any bright flower that catches my eye will come home with me to live in my garden..  So Why not have a garden year round.. and anytime I need those bright colors to bless these ol eyes.. I’ll  have a Garden handy!!    

Design Wall Feb 2013

Design Wall Feb 2013

  Everything is cut, planned out and simpley laid out  On my Design wall.  I used the 5″ half hexi template from MSQC. (  The fabric is a purchase from eBay.. 20 fat quarters for under $30.00  There are 28 of them and each yeilds 1.5 flowers.  I mix and match centers from all my cut outs.   The White fabric I had on hand and there is around 2.5 yards of it.  Not all is cut up just yet.. I’m waiting to see if I’ll have to cut more.   The backing Is also white and I have plenty of it…over 5 yards


 And like any good gardener, I’ve got my ROWs all started.   Sewn together at the top and following downward, I am getting those little pieces sewn so that they will become rows, too.  The jumping up n down to get at the Design Wall is wearing me out..  And I’ve got a long way to go with this step, but it is really beginning to take shape….  I’ve planned a double bed size quilt..and this is just half of my garden!!    Whew, Just like the outside garden, this one is gonna take some time, but will be beautiful when done.    And I can enjoy it forever.. these flowers don’t fade or die off!!I just have to stay focused and stop finding bargains when I go shopping..

shoppingBL   Isn’t this fabric Lucious!! Jelly Rolls and Charm packs in more bright Spring Colors.. Found at Big Lots (made in China fabric)  but it is only $7.50 a roll (28 strips) and $3.00 a pack (28 5×5 squares).    I already have a quilt planned for these………


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