Quilt sack


I have been aware of the need to “take care” of my quilts for awhile, but never thought I would ever produce anything worth that extra effort of making a “pillow case” for a quilt.   I must change my mind for this Mystery Quilt V.   I put alot of time and money in on the fabric and getting just the right sashing (red print) and border (dark blue).   Had lots of left over fabric with those strips, too.   I wanted to save the pattern/instructions and the left over fabric.. Panier De Flores line in the French General series.  2012.      

Thus I came up with the Quilt Sack.. to put everything in it for future posterity!!   Or until I can get the money ahead to have it professionally quilted.    Now I just have to come up with the Perfect Storage Area for it.   Closet or shipping box??    

Still gotta find the backing fabric and binding strips to add to the “sack”… then wait for the $$ to show up on my door step for a FINISHED TWIN Quilt.    


Now to go play in the Garden… It’s gonna be fun!!   I’m so ready for Spring!

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One Response to Quilt sack

  1. DD#1 says:

    Beautiful! And I love all the French General lines – timeless. My vote would be to put it all in one of those now-empty project bins, in the closet. Shipping box if you mean to send it to me!! LOL Wait, you don’t have any empty project box/bins?! Get busy momma!! LOVE you…mean IT!!

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