WIP Wednesday-Mystery Quilt 5 2012


I no sooner sat this box of squares down on the bed, when Smudge jumps up and claims it.. the Whole Box!!   I was going to lay out the blocks on my bed so I could arrange them b4 sewing them together, but looks Like Someone has other plans. 

2 hours later– She’s not giving up.. DSCN6145  I can out fox this cat,, yes I can!!   I just need to focus on another project..

Off to the Design wall…

Design Wall Feb 2013

Design Wall Feb 2013

These are made with the 5inch half hexi template..  More tips and tricks to follow come March. 

And there is more snow falling today.. It’s wet heavy stuff that shouldn’t last long once that front passes thru.   These are the kinds of snows that make great snowmen!!    With my hands acting all weird when they get cold, I can no longer build snowmen…. but the neighbor kids are having fun making them.   Go Snowmen Builders!!   Mama Nature Loves ya… and me too.

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One Response to WIP Wednesday-Mystery Quilt 5 2012

  1. DD#1 says:

    LOVE the half-hexi’s!! They are going to look so awesome put together Mom!! dibs?!!! someday…??

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