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We finished up our Diaries for the Niesen People… ran from Thursday to Thursday.    I was amazed at how LITTLE tv I now watch.   Esp in the Winter when one can’t get outside..the TV generally gets alot of ON time.    Not here.. and I’m wondering why.      Perhaps the invention and use of this computer??    Other Hobbies, such as quilting??  Cleaning up an Antique Sewing machine??   Knitting or crocheying??   Well I watch tv as I knit/crochey, so it can’t be that one hobby.

twist and twirl

twist and twirl

Found the Twist and Twirl stuff this week end so I’ve made a couple more “ruffled” scarfs.. I have “gifted”  quite a few so when I find something new or along the same lines,, I just can’t  resist making another.   www.bernat.com/twistandtwirl    The link will show ya how to knit one of these cutie ruffled scarfs,, I again used a crochey hook, size F (USA).   It’s the same put on stitches on and take off that I did for the Larger Sashay “yarn”.   Only I put on 6 instead of the 10/12/14 stitches.    

Besides Cooking, cleaning  and laundry, I got a large comforter cut into 3 pieces and resewn with some quilting to hold that loose batting for DD’s (car) emergency box.  This comforter was a king size.. now it is Emergency, Leave it Size.   Just gotta hem the raw edges and another recycling event has been accomplished. 



This has been my little projects this past few days.. other than staying warm, well fed and doin my ONline sharing.     I see Spring starting to show itself  in small ways, but there seems to be one last effort of Ol Man Winter as Snow is in our forcast today.   Another excuse to stay in the sewing room and play!!   Working on a UFO…. More later.

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