COC(Circle of Caring) finish

at my singer

at my singer

I’ve gone from making circles..   TO>>

construction phase

construction phase

Squares >>>>



One big Oblong..>>>> 

Short Twin size

Short Twin size

With borders >>>

Lable = finish

Lable = finish

And ALL  done… with my little lable..      You can’t see it in the photos, but the fabric in the circles has a lot of gold and glitter in them.. Very subtle, but stricking..   Charm pack was   Phoenix by Yuko Hasegawa  at      I now wish I had bought two of them…  

One project box empty and waits for more creativity… like the Farmer’s Wife Sample Quilt..  Got the book and working on the templates…. -printing, gluing to heavy ceral box material, then cutting out..  Got a bunch of ThimbleBerries fabric to make blocks from…  ????

Or in the next box… Double Irish Chain quilt… with Shimmering Hot PINKs….. with Kelly greens?? ‘

Or in another box,  Jelly rolls for a scrappy trip around the world…???    

I could list a few more, but I am getting tired thinking of all the boxes and remembering what is in each… gotta go look….

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One Response to COC(Circle of Caring) finish

  1. DD#1 says:

    Very nice! And it seems like you did that rather quickly!? I think I need to make a list of “projects” and then prioritize them for the year. All these new “shiny” things keep distracting me! No new progress on the quilt/crochet. Finished a baby quilt. Made a few baby blankets/burp cloths. Joined a mystery BOM at the FQS (doesn’t start until June). Need to make/add more blocks to our wedding signature quilt (went from being a throw for end of bed to a king-size quilt…lol). Then there’s that basket of hexagons that I need to make more of….and a million other ideas/projects!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! Love and miss you!!

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