Next project….

I’m doin a “quilt as you go” 12 block quilt.. It’s been awhile since I’ve quilted this  we’ll sew and see what happens.

at my singer

at my singer

Getting all stacked up and ready to sew..the 12 block quilt is coming along slowly.. I still need 3 more front 12×12 squares to sew circles to & get them sandwiched before any sewing can start. 

Oh, and that stack of plastic see thru containers are my “next” project boxes.. I ran out of room in the front room sewing area, so they are stacking up right before my eyes.   This makes it harder to ignore and hopefully easier to complete before starting anything new.  (Trouble is, there are at least 12 more “project boxes”  you can’t see.) 

This year is the year of completing all those UFO’s.   Yes, all the gals at MSQC are working at finishing instead of collecting….   I’m somewhere in the middle of that pledge.   I have ideas that never got to the prep stage— collect fabric and print directions/instructions.  I feel like these are UFO’s, so I include them in my List of Unfinished Objects.    (This way I continue to shop and surf for just the right colors and pattern) 

Winter Time is a great time to let my creativity run wild… and it does!!!


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One Response to Next project….

  1. DD#1 says:

    I’m going to look into the quilt-as-you-go method. The thought of wrangling another queen/king size quilt through my machine is making me shudder! Can’t wait to see what you do with the circles…looks fun. I read your comments on the project boxes to your new SIL…his comment was that now he knows where I get it from! And I don’t think he meant your/our organizational skills! LOL It’s all good…and I think he’s becoming used to my multi-tasking/adhd bouncing from project to project. Love ya, bye!

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