DONE-washed and gifted


Front of Harley Man’s quilt..


Add another front.. or back or whatever.. logo’s and left over blocks pieced together that had me scratching my head and wondering how it would all come together..     Not bad , even without a plan or pattern.


I was hoppin around the cyber world today and it occured to me that there are so many different interest out there..   Women who raise a family, work, keep house and grocery shop…  all having a “secret” side to them that not many can see or notice.    I pealed back a few layers and found a lot of talent hidden under that outer facade.    I asked my self, “Does their husband, Significant other, children , parents, sibblings or close friends even KNOW this person.    Do they realize this person has other thoughts and dreams that aren’t connected to this world.??     They find time to reside out there in the world of Dreams and What If’s.   

I for one, am so thankful they do.. Many time-saving gadgets, art works, and life saving devices have come from those who dare to DREAM…. Who push the limits of their KNOWN world and play with concepts of WHAT IF—

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3 Responses to DONE-washed and gifted

  1. Barb Oaker says:

    That’s a sharp looking quilt…I really love it! The pattern you chose works so well with the fabrics….well done!! Barb

  2. DD#1 says:

    It turned out great! How big did it end up being? I like how you used the “leftovers” on the back to make another front or so it’s reversible. Love and miss ya!

    • grannysgab says:

      Sorry I forgot the size.. It’s an extra long twin size. I just couldn’t get another queen size out of the fabric I had. SIL is very happy with it.. And has it on the Bed already.

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