Feb-Windmill Block Of the Month.

windmill block

I saw this on Ebay about a month ago  and thought to myself what an interesting block using 1/2 sq triangles.   I finally had some time to make one of these… and just love it!!    Using 2.5 strips of fabri your block will finish at 8 inches before adding other blocks. 

windmillFebBOM Lets break this one down into manageable parts   so you can see how it goes together.   OK??   See all the Half Square Triangles now??  Make 16 two colored HST  and put them together like the block below. 


Hope you enjoy making up a few of these Windmills and using them in your next project.   I’m thinking the color  Blue & white would make a stunning quilt.    I don’t have enough fabric in those two colors right now.  But There is room in my closet for more fabric..soon!!

Here is a quilt I found over at Kim big quilting adventure dot blogspot dot com.. Isn’t it worth sewing up a windmill or two??   DSC02375[1]

  Happy Sewing everyone.. and check back with me for more ideas on how to use those HST….   Granny

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