Last Dec, DD#1 came for a visit and we did all the antique shops in my area.. We found this lovely vintage singer sewing machine.. with cabinet…


And Lots of accessories…


…. I held a contest over at MSQC for naming this Grand Ol’ Lady…and PEARL   popped out of the hat.       The whole thing now sits next to my newest Singer and awaits my getting her all cleaned up and working again.  Wonder where all my Elbow Grease went??    So , YES, I am preoccupied….    


I am ready to square up the Harley Quilt then put the binding on.   Bind it up, wash and dry, THEN give it to someone special.    A quilt finished and I’m already dreaming of the next!!   Am trying a applique technique for circles next.   Should be interesting if I can “save” enough used Dryer sheets..


Everyone is over all the IcKIES and back to work.    Most days find me here alone,  puttering away with my sewing machines, animals and kitchen chores.    Got a Spa date this coming Tues for another massage.   Yeah!!!  Love those days.     Off to hunt for those Used Dryer Sheets.. and keep warm with an extra layer of clothing.   We’re still in the deep freeze here.   The 100 degree temps of last Summer are sure missed now.

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