Where was I?


I skipped yesterday…was suffering from a severe Migraine when I woke and after taking several  OTC medications, I resorted to the BIG “knock you out” PILL.  And that’s just what it did..  I surfaced back to reality around 5 p.m.  Ate, pottied, drank lots of fluids, took more of the OTC pills and slept thru the night.     I haven’t had a severe migraine episode in years…   Whenever I do, I just have to skip the whole day..   Sorry I missed you when you stopped by. 


I have Mr Harley Man’s quilt all stretched out and am pinning in preparation for the big quilting day… SITD (stitch in the ditch) over all the blocks .    Am hoping I can get to this real soon.   I really take my time with smoothing and pinning as this is the most important part of the quilting process.   All my work would be ruined if I messed up now.


Remember my mentioning a trip to Ebay.com?   I purchased some Tim Holtz stamps.   (LOVE HIS STUFF)  Think these will be enough  to occupy my stamping time for awhile?  Nice size stamps in 5 different sets.  (one set missing from photo). 


    I need to prep some background papers and cut some card stock into Card Size pieces, then  I will be getting ink all over the NEW  Rubber.    Just waiting for February to hear what the Theme should be..  I found some pre made cards at Wally World for under $2.00 for a pack of 6.  I snatched up several  (ok, 5 sets).  A Set is the cards with envelopes !!!     I send off alot of  cards thru out the year.. “just because” and “Thinking of you’  stuff.  Then there are the Scrapbook pages I still need to do of my trip in 09. 

Running out of room for all my Crafts!!   Time to organize —  Just my way of saying I forgot what all I have and need to go thru and Fondle it all again.     Never know what I might find. 

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