January’s Block…

Thought I would start off the new year with some of those large blocks made from smaller (hidden) blocks.

Basically all blocks are made with squares, half square triangles, and “flying Geese”    Like this beauty..



Lets break it down.. there are 5 rows either way you slice this one apart.    I haven’t made this block, but I would start with a 3.5×3.5 square in the center (red) and work my way outward.. Flying geese on each side with the Pink square.  Outside corners are half square triangles (red & white) with the grey and white flying geese in the middle.    Not sure about the sizes  but will try to get this block measured and let ya know what each row needs.    I can’t find my link to the original blog where I found this “jewel”.  

I love the color combination of this block, also..    Just my ol’ brain can’t give you the name of the fabric either…  (I’m really starting off the New Year with lack of information… ain’t I? )


I sure need a bit of help with the size and name of fabric,,,plus the blog name where I found it.. I really do apologize for not having this at hand..  If ya know any of the information I don’t have, feel free to let me know.    I really would like to give credit to the maker of this block.  


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