Who knew that such a little box could provide so much comfort.. a New Furnace!


Right Smudge??   (see lower left)

And I gotta show ya the cute little ornament I rec’vd in the mail from a dear on-line friend.. It hangs from the bottom of this Swag I made last year.. DSCN6035

Our tree is a bit small this year since we have space issues around here.   LOL. 


We went with the “table top” size which also ment smaller ornaments.  Luckily I had a few dozen on hand to decorate with..   I made the Santa Tree skirt a couple of years back.  DD#2 does all my decoration of trees and helps with the outside decor.   




These are a few of the things in life that bring comfort to my inner self.. I try to surround myself with as many “comfort” items as possible.   Tho Food is a comfort to many.. I like “things” that sooth and bring memories of happier days with promises of MORE HAPPIER Times to be had.

I still cannot watch tv that covers the Ct shooting at a Grade school.   I hope a solution to these types of tragedies can be found without all the fuss of “rights”  being taken away from so many.

MY SOLUTION;    Home schooling!!   Tho there will be “crazies” out there who will find a way to destroy themselves and others.   But this should reassure our children and limit the damage to their young lives.   

just Sayin’  –   Leave  me  your ideas and comment about a solution to the School Shooting problems we have here in our country.   (No Spam or Hate mail, Please!) 

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