In the Spotlight!

My special quilt pattern find for December:  (Or any season 🙂 


brought to you by     AMY 

I love this pattern for a charm pack or layer cake.. using a jellly roll for the border & corner squares.   It shows off the fabric while allowing you to finish a quilt, lickety-split.     Just look at the border around each piece of bright fabric!!  You could make those corner squares any color you wanted to match the fabric and your decor…. I’m thinking GREEN.   Basic block is:

Dec qltBlock.2012


Thank you for allowing me to link and show off your quilt  Amy.  


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2 Responses to In the Spotlight!

  1. luv2quilt says:

    I love the framed square pattern – with or without the corner squares. It makes up so different depending on the fabric you choose. I love this pattern! It looks especially nice in the brights with lots of white. barb

  2. DD#1 says:

    Love it! My kind of “happy”, especially the colors. Love & Miss ya!!

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