Time slipped away–


While getting everything together for the Fall holidays, cooking for Thanksgiving, Family get together and adjusting to the colder weather, I slip into a period of slow motion.   I mean I just slow down and lose my energy. 



I stock up on groceries that will last at least a month (In case of horrible storms that take out heat / power/ gas/ closed roads).  I shift gears into a survival mode every Fall and put everything else on a back burner while I stock pile water, can goods, staples and paper products.    There will be plenty of time to pick up my “hobbies” after I am sure I can survive a Winter of the worst storms & scenarios  of disasters imaginable.   Remember I am a Farm Girl at heart and lived where you didn’t go to the store daily.. or even got into  town more than once a week. 


Satisfied that I’ve done all I could to survive my “imagined” disasters, I move into a  hibernation mode…. excessive sleeping… gorging… sleeping… clean up and winter nesting bedding / clothes at hand… sleeping… regroup and evaluation.    Then Sleeping.   Man I wore myself out!!  

Cyclic Heath Issues 

The hardest part I found this year is that I’ve still got health problems that seem to crop up almost every day.   Tho the surgery cured a lot of my digestive problems with Excessive acid/Gerd, I still have days that I cannot get past taking care of myself & pain.  After taking a pain med I can get some sleep in my recliner for short periods of time.  Maybe knit a bit, listen to a “talking book”   or watch TV.   (Boring!)

I got thru those painful stages in a  cycle of bad, worse, bad, better, build strength, feel good, stop medication that causes me problems with side effects,  experiment with foods, BAD, WORSE, BETTER etc– then figure out where I went wrong.   Can’t take the meds, so old fashion methods and meds have to be experimented with. 


I’m at the “building strength” stage of recoving.. tread mill  is getting a great work out.   I’m actually back to walking 5 mins a day.  I hope to get back to 30 minutes.    Pain is well controlled with Tramadol.   Mylanta 1 tablespoon in 30 cc of milk drank before eating.   And working on getting to sleep in my bed!!  

I’ll pick up my other daily living activities as I get stronger..







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