Halloween is Here!!

It’s time for witches, ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and BLACK CATS!!   My favorite skary pic of our black cats is SALEM…  She’s also known as Baby.   Enjoy your Tricks or Treaters, esp those little ones.   It promises to be cold but dry here.   Not like the East Coast with the Super Storm almost over.  What a wild week end for the NYers..  No power!!  

The past week was busy for us.   DD found the water coming thru the roof and called the roofing guys.. It was the old brick Chimney.   It had to be replaced/torn out and piping added.  A big shinny aluminum pipe now decorates the roof.   I got a glimpse of all the fixing from the front window.

Notice all those browning leaves.. well they are on the ground now.. piles of em around the door ways and in the walk/patio out front.   I have been feeling “flat” again so no pictures of that mess.  I don’t handle Cold weather very well.   I stay in and bundled up in a soft cozy wrap as I knit  another sweater..

The insulation that was added this year to the house is really making a difference, tho.   Only have one layer on instead of the two or three that I did in the past.   Off to grab a quick shower and get off my lazy duff.    Am making “roll mops”  for dinner.    (steak rolled in bacon thrown in the oven with beef bullion juice and sliced onions on top) .

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