Building a block

I bought a book for quilting called, “Hidden Block Quilts” by Lerlene Nevaril.   It really breaks down some of those larger, more complicated blocks into easy, peasy block making.  Once you know how to look at a complicated block, you can start “seeing” other blocks inside the large block. 

I love the Carpenter’s Wheel Block, but always felt  intimadated to try doing one, til I saw where one could use Half-Square-Triangles to make them.  

  Lets head off to my cutting board and prepare some fabric to start making Half Square Triangles.    YOU will need to cut the following number of 2.5 x 2.5 squares: 







(ignore the numbers I put on my stacks.. I’m making another block to match this Carpenter’s Wheel)

I wasn’t sure just how many squares to cut, so I picked thru my Fat Quarters til I got 4 or 5 different fabrics.  Light, med, dark and a contrasting color.   

Label each fabric with an alphabet helps to keep track  so you can get going on the sewing.  I did cut my fabric squares into 2 3/8’s, but it is so close to 2 1/2 that next time I make this block I will nudge up the size to 2 1/2 so I can use my Jelly Rolls!! 

 Make the following combinations of Half Square Triangles

A & D = Make 12

A & B = Make 4

A & E = make 16

D & E = Make 12

B & E = make 4 ..   

 Ready to create Magic??

Make sure you have a surface bigger than 15 inches (this is the size My block turned into before trimming and squaring it )

Start laying out your HST.. (half-square-triangles) This is the very center  –  a Pinwheel!!


Round two makes a Star!!


 Round 3 makes some rays going out to the corners and Squares inbetween them.  Note those squares are two different fabrics..  

 And Round 4.. makes the Carpenters Wheel!!

My block isn’t perfect and I want to make lots more of them.. but this gives you a chance to make one of your very own.. while learning to look for the Hidden Blocks inside the larger block.    

Make a practise block first.. then play with colors.   The history I read about for this block was- It was really popular in the mid 1800’s  and often had dark backgrounds… 

Hoping to have block B to show you soon.. as it goes with the Carpenter’s Wheel.  Starts off the same way in the center (PINWHEEL) and round 2 makes it into the Star..  Then the changes begin because you will be using 3 1/2 squares to fill in the next 2 rounds.   HOLD ON!!  I’m getting ahead of myself..    I will tell you that there are 3 blocks I am making  from the center beginning of a Pinwheel.   And I will show off the combination with you  Next Week.  


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One Response to Building a block

  1. blondieprim says:

    love the color combination. It’s very dimensional. Thinking of you with great fondness

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