Tanner’s Orchard

Yup this is IT… 17 miles north of us here in Illinois.  Tanner’s Orchard    They have their own web site with alot more photos and information.. but this was our little outing on Sunday..

Gorgeous Mums everywhere!! 

Wind farm in background looking northward.. Pumpkins right out of the field!!

There was a Goat Run built into, over and around the buildings..and you could buy a handful of feed for a quarter (machine) for the many Goats that wandered from their pasture to their indoor pens..

It was really warm tho the wind was gusting and rain clouds were all around us..

It was really WET but the back 40 was fun to walk thru and dodge all the kids who were running and playing.  The corn maze was closed  but I could imagine getting lost out there and needing rescued.

  The best part was going inside the warehouse – store!!   You are greeted with the most marvelous smell and free samples of Cider and apples.. then all their antique show pieces.  I even found a stove like the one I learned to cook on “back in the day”..

Most of the indoor decorations were artificial.. but soo vibrant and realistic.. Sure beat Cracker Barrel’s decor!!

We taste tested and bought the Honey Crisp and Gold Delicious.. 

Taste Testing the Salsa, Apple butter, Pumpkin Apple Butter and enjoying the Art work at each station was also part of the fun (note the piggies)..  

I won’t show ya all the photos I took, just these few puts me right back among the cinamon, apple, pumpkin baking smells.… Wonderful  day trip that let me slip into the Memories of My Childhood– When everyone cooked, baked and canned items from the garden and orchard. 

If ya ever get in the neighborhood  or want a nice afternoon trip.. try heading to Tanner’s!!   I’m enjoying the pumpkin donuts and apple fritters!!!    Will have to go back for a Pie and home made bread!!

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