My Room is crowded

The things that pets will do.. …  (see the one Under the bed?)     Mind you, this is only a twin size bed so when there isn’t room on top, you take the Bottom.. Stretch out and groan!!   It got my attention!!

Here I was thinking of cleaning and clearing out my “Den”… Oh, well, maybe tomorrow.   I have to wash and block 3 sweaters that I finally finished knitting.   It got a little chilly here this week, so I had to play with the yarn.  

I haven’t had much energy this week.  L came down with the “croupe” that J. Had…. ecks.. get out the Clorox wipes!!    Hope I’m able to dodge this batch of germs.  I’ve been staying away from them both!! 

Week end is coming on fast and I’ve got no sewing on quilts done.   Just messes all over the place.  Maybe if I would just clean and not Dream I could get something accomplished.     Hugs to all and have a good time over the week end.   GRANNY     




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