OUT side Decor…

It’s been fun to decorate the outside while the temperature has co-operated with me.. anything above 70F.    So Instead of picking pumpkins, I’ve been putting them out!    Lighted inside and NOT FOR CONSUMPTION  type of pumpkins …

 And a Skeleton with lights (black limbs) Set among the MuMs in the planter box.. 

A Skeleton on the corner of the front porch area

is also added.. Can’t have too many


I  added a huge spider and a  lighted black cat  on and near the entry to the front door.. That ought to Scare a few Ghosts and Goblins!!    



   I want to do some night shots when everything is lit up. 

Other than the decorating.. I’ve been trying to knit and crochey some dish cloths for Presents this December.   Cooking and cleaning.. making some Delicious Drinks with the NutraBullet blender.  Walking the dogs and spoiling the cats.  

Doing Tai Chi daily and planning on doing the ReClast Treatment for Osteoporosis.  (Calcium replacement therapy in an IV )   Taking a pill would probably be cheaper, but I have digestive problems and think PILLS  are a waste of money since I can’t break them down and absorb the goodies I need from the gut!!    Plus I get more than My share of the Side effects each pill brings with it.    YUCK……

Keep smiling til I can get back with  more photos and projects —

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