Another week end

I can’t believe another week has slipped by.. these Fall days seem to be going by fast.. I wonder if someone didn’t mess with making them  too short.   Does Mama Nature like to mess with me or what?

These last warm, sunny days are to be treasured and I do!!   Got the container garden all cleaned out and stuff put away.   Made up some home-made Tomato soup with the cherry tomatoes.  The new blender I ordered arrived this week.  So I have been planning some of those “healthy cocktails” advertised with recipes included with the NutriBullet Blender.   Ya think I could get this old body shaped up and back into a size 10??     Not likely, but I can dream..

Then there is Halloween coming on…… That is when it really starts to get cold and rainy around here.   I kiss the out-of-doors goodbye and hybernate til the temps crawl back up into the 50’s. 

The foot ball season has arrived so our gang will be in front of the big screen caring on like they are right there on the field.   This is when I can get some sewing done.. working on a Harley Quilt this month in hopes it will be ready for Christmas.   Just one block, but there will be alot more of these..only have 5 made so far.   15 more to go!!    


 Been doing the dance with doctors, AGAIN..  Routine check up found something wrong with my blood work.. So I’m sent to a specialist, who orders more tests and scans.   Should know what the heck is happening sometime this month.. But from what I know about meds and tests they are doing….  Looks like they are checking me for Lupus.   G-r-e-a-t..   it’s a bit late in life for me to get excited by any of this.   I’ve known all along I wasn’t like other people.. I have had my UPs and DOWNs for so many years, it’s just a normal ME to be on my Left foot while everyone else is on their Right.  

 Huggers to all… til next time

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