Feeling a change



I’m trying out a Copper Bracelet to see if it helps alleviate some joint pain.  It’s really cute. Sturdy and doesn’t bend easily.  DD#2 got us each one.  I took several photos of mine, front and back.. but this is the only one that turned out.  


The Insulation guys finished the upstairs today.  They had run out of “foam” so we were set back a couple of weeks .  Now we are testing how well the whole house holds the A/C   and will be interested to see how the Heating Bills go this Winter.   No, I am not looking forward to the changing weather.    Tho I do love the Fall and all the beautiful colors of the trees when they change. 

Wishing I could make a quilt with these “vivid” colors…  It would mean I’d have another unfinished project setting around waiting for me to work on it.   So I’ll just put a few pictures  in My SOME DAY file.     

It’s time to put everything back in it’s place after the workers left.   I got out this cleaning stuff and started wiping down every cubboard in the kitchen.   Damp mopped the floors and Dusted with the swiffer.  I am not a deep cleaning type person anymore.  Age and body just doesn’t let me last long enough to do a thorough job.     The Cats were let out of my bedroom.. where they were kept so they wouldn’t escape out the open doors.. Had  those tube things run in for spraying insulation foam. 

Tomorrow I have the cleaning and refilling of the Hot Tub on my list.   We had to move it so the basement crawl space could be accessed.  I sure miss my water massages, so It’s at the top of the “to Do” list.     It’s another thing that helps keep this ol’ body moving.   Nothing like getting  into the hot tub with the jets going full force to beat the ache right out of me.   Thus I leave ya with this thought from “Aunty Acid”. 

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