Monday – Works in Progress

I know others have already discovered the versatility of these amazing little squares, but I’m reliving some memories from the past.. visits to Grandma’s house when she had a NEW quilt laid out.    I’ve found some identical blocks that she would make.   I’m not sure what I’ll do with them just yet, but I have them printed and pinned to my Bulletin Board that hangs above my sewing machine.. Some DAY — 

I’ve got to finish The Harley Man Quilt first, but I’m already thinking of other UFO’s that I have on hand.

Here is my “works IN progress” table .   The boxes are Quilts all cut out and waiting to be put together.  In the fabric bowl are pincushions needing the finishing touches.  The Magazine is the cut out for Holloween wall hanger for a friend… 

  OH, YES,  I do like variety!!  I just wish my Brain would settle down on just one project instead of finding  more  NEW ones..

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