Reaction, relaxation, production

I have been “out of sorts” the past week.. You know-don’t feel good, but not really sick enough to know you are sick…..   Just feel lazy and have NO energy.      The house could fall in around me, but I wouldn’t care type of feelings.      

After 3 days I realized one of my medications was making my body do weird (gross) things.   Then I knew for sure it was Just one pill and not a “bug” going around that had me feeling like warmed over crap.   

So during my “figuring out what is causing” this crappy feeling, I relaxed, watched tv, ate jello, crackers and soup……AND knitted.  Love this “knit from the top down” method.  Doesn’t take alot of brain power and pattern reading to get a decent sweater.   It really is  light tan.. light weight yarn on small needles.   A Summer sweater for me..

I know,,, I know– even when “ill”   I can’t just sit and do nothing.  I gotta keep these hands busy.  So If ever I’m sitting around doing nothing with my hands.  Please check for a pulse!!  I may Really BE  “OUT OF IT”

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