TaiChi- do it!!

I have finished my 2nd month of tai chi lessons.  Completing the full pattern of the short form.   And PEOPLE.. you need to do it!!!    REALLY,  It’s wonderful exercise for all ages,   I’ll be celebrating my 70th birthday in December and I have been able to learn and do the short form pattern.  

 I,  suffer from Osteoporosis, Hypo-thyroidism, and COPD. In these past 2 months, I have become stronger, lost weight, legs and feet have stopped swelling, and I feel healthy!!     My Lung capacity has improved with using the “breathing Method” taught with this form of exercise.      

What is TaiChi?   well here is a link to go to a video that will explain and show you some warm up exercises.. along with some other useful/healthy moves. TaiChi for beginners

If you only learn AND DO these moves from the above video….YOU’LL be feeling stronger and healthier in a couple of months time.   There is no demands, just gentle slow movements that stretch and strengthen your whole body IF you do them everyday

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One Response to TaiChi- do it!!

  1. blondieprim says:

    you just may convince me yet to try TAI CHI. I am so very happy for your regained strength.

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