Weekend happenings

Saturday ‘we Canned”.    Right after shopping for groceries and a short nap.    Got 24 pint jars full of Peach heaven.  Yes we already tried some.   And I have a Peach Cobbler in the works right now.  Had to stop and rest my back.   Must have “pulled” something while canning since It’s been hurting so bad I had to take some Heavy duty Drugs to get any relief.    

the animals were content to let me rest since they get to watch over me and grab treats for helping out.   First Mocha:

sHe is so happy to share any or all of her toys ( see them in the background?)

When the thunder storm came thru, you  find Pepper hiding under my bed.  Some how she is able to crawl under and hide.  

Not alot of help from those two… but they stuck by me and watched over everything while I slept (thanks to the Pills) 



    smudge was happy to snooze right along with me!!   She insistes on having all the bed to herself.   Thus My week end went..   I think I slept thru all of it.  Came out of my stupor on Monday – just in time to enjoy the cooler weather with a nice sit on the gossip bench.

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