Can or Quilt?

DD#1 who lives in Florida Called Tues.  Said she was at the post office and needed my ZIp code, so I recited it and knew she was sending me some Harley fabric for a quilt I’m doing NEXT.   I didn’t expect it til Sat since it does take awhile for things to come here from “down there”.    This was delivered Wednesday!!    Amazing amount of Fabric.. Yes I sent off a Thank You righT away… well Not right away, since I had to caress each and every piece..  

then this was tucked in as well…   15 Fat Quarters or more.   I love each and every piece.  (see my finger prints on them?)     

then DD#2 (whom I live with) brought home:

I don’t know whether to can or quilt??     Oh, I can multi task, so I can do both, right?   Wrong— It ain’t happenin’ this week.   I’m waiting for the week end when there will be extra hands around to help with the peeling, pitting and filling up the jars.     (My Momma trained me well..)

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