Hot Days and lazy ways….

All sandwiched and ready for some striaght line quilting.  This is the Head of the Stary Night Quilt.  I want to make sure it covers the pillows.   By sewing together all the left over pieces I get a generous  size topper/header. 

It’s HOT here again.  We had a nice rain a couple of nights ago.. but It’s a Sauna Out There.  6 a.m. and it’s 80 f. degrees.   Had 105 temps yesterday, with more of the same today.    I watered generously all around our big  Tulip tree in the front.  It’s been dropping leaves and looks like there will be alot more.. Poor Tree is really stressed from all this heat.   I noted the other trees aren’t looking too well either. 

The Rose of Sharon bush and Irises are doing well… of course I have been watering them every morning.  Planted them in New Potting Soil mixed with our Crappy clay & rocks.. a Bit of fertilizer and a wait N see attitude.     

I am soo happy to have central air where I can just kick back and wander between my 2 sewing machines whenever the mood strikes… Will it be Heirloom blocks  or Stary Night quilting??   Perhaps a nap should come first!!!!

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