Doctor’s Day

Had this appointment for over a month with a Rheumatoidologist because some blood work came back abnormal in May 2012.   After what I had went thru with the surgery in May 2011, I didn’t think too much about it.  Just another trade-off for being “fixed”.    

After 2 1/2 hours being poked prodded, questioned and examined head to foot, I get the “possible” diagnosis and further tests are scheduled.   25th I get a thoracic (chest) echo.   Will get called about setting up an IV infusion for my bone loss..   

My Symptoms. 1.  Cold intolerance with white fingers after handling frozen packages (meat & frozen veggies)    Yup, mine look just like this after a round of shopping in the frozen food section.  A bit painful, too! 

2.  Close exam with light & 40+ magnification.. and I have “white” scars around the nail beds of my fingers. capillary damage from the above episodes.  

3.   Something about the breath sounds of my lungs that didn’t sound right… with episodes of shortness of breath upon activity.  And lots of daily back pain.  (vertebrae fusion according to the x-ray)

4.  Spells of dizziness.. rashes, dry skin, swelling of extremities etc– 

5. and a whole lot of other seemingly unrelated stuff..  I have always put up with and never thought they were anything but “just getting old” . 

   Somehow these all interested the Doc….  A pee in the cup, 6 vials of blood and hand full of paperwork later, I’m allowed to leave and try to digest what all this means.  

It doesn’t change my life style.. It doesn’t mean extra treatments everyday.   Maybe an extra pill will be added.  I already do physical exercises and hot tub on a regular basis.   I did the research on-line about  Raynaud’s Phenomenon.    The Doc is RIGHT… I have all those seemingly unrelated symptoms and don’t like what I see in my future.. We’ll see what the “test” results are before I start to worry.. and then will it be worth the worry.   ?  ?  ?  It’s all about the wait N see. 

 But today is today and I’ve got a quilt block to sew!!

Tomorrow will be tomorrow… I will make the most of this day that the Lord has given me and let HIM take care of tomorrow.  


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