Friday’s Finish

You all remember my block making has been going on in the background of everything else I do daily, right?    

Where these little triangles get turned into the block below.

well I finally had enough blocks to sew together to make  (drum roll. Please!!)

 mostly reds , blues & greens, but using RED corner stones to join blocks together…   Here is the Utube Video on how to make your own!!    Warning:  Addiction possible if you click on link and love fabric.     Pattern can be found at      For around $10.00.   Well worth the price!!

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4 Responses to Friday’s Finish

  1. DD#1 says:

    Gorgeous Mom! Really…it’s beautiful. How big is it? You did a great job. Love ya!

  2. Judy…Your Tavern Blues quilt came out so wonderful!!! You did an excellent job on it and it seemed to go together really fast. Was the cutting an ordeal? Congratulations!

    • grannysgab says:

      Once I got it thru my head of how many of each piece was needed, things went smoothly. Lots of cutting and stacking. But went together fast.. takes about a 1/2 hour to make each block.

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