All Aboard!!

It’s  almost completed and ready to load  Passengers.  All my cars are Joined together, added the Puffy rails and  border strip #1 (black all around the train).

  Overall size at this stage is 40 x 48   To make it bigger I can add another border.    I squared up my top before adding the 2.5 inch strips around the top & sides.   (the Blue is my painters tape that I stick down to sew my 1/4 inch seams.  Yes it is several layers thick!!  And over 10 inches long-I get less wavey seams. )  


Why add that *PUFFY* rail..  My plan is to have some 3D Rails.  I’ll be tacking down an edge with some trapunto stitching.   Adding my “HOBO” message to the cars  and a wider border so that it can be used on a bed or hang on a wall.   I call this stage of creation my Half – Way MarkThe real work of quilting is in the finishing touches.     If this  last stage goes well , I may have an entry  in this years Quilt show held locally. (Sept)   Keep your fingers crossed for me..OK??

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