Not My Day

After working all morning setting up and filling bobbins I was able to get a good start.. Then the machine did a BEEP and stopped  half way thru the second row of stitches.    A tear down and removal of sewing plate showed me a tangle of thread that makes a grown woman wanna cry.    The bobbin didn’t wind properly or was too loosely wound and it all came out under the needle- causing a big JaM of Threads.   

I cleaned out and replaced all parts, but gave up on making any progress with this for today.   Maybe tomorrow when I am not all frustrated and HUNGRY…  Yes, I was so busy I forgot to eat breakfast and now Lunch… so I’ve quit on the Quilt for today.

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2 Responses to Not My Day

  1. dressesandme says:

    Argh ! That’s so frustrating!

  2. born2quilt says:

    So sorry you aare having this trouble with your gorgeous star quilt. You have done the best thing – walk away from it now while you are frustrated and go back when you are refreshed. Be very careful snipping….Barb

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