FMQ time

It’s ready to go under the needle!! 

 I had set this aside in order to write up the tutorial for the  Ride The Rails Quilt project.. Now that I’ve finished all the picture taking, writing instructions and putting them together, I can get back to the task of Free Motion Qiuilting on My Star Quilt. 

The photo doesn’t show the vibrant colors and DEEP blues, but ya got the idea of how this one will look.. I’ll be doing the outline quilting / sewing around my stars with some stitch in the ditch for the straight runs between each block.    I think I’ll expand into chalking a leaf border (deep blue area)  for around the edges.   I’ve never chalked and marked on a quilt before, so wish me luck.   I have a pattern that came with my magazines.. just need to find which one it is in.      I you want to make a STAR Quilt.. Head on over to the video that walks you thru the whole process.    Jelly Roll Star Blocks        And YOU Can Make one in your favorite colors.!!!



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