Crafting flags 4 the 4th.

OK, The big holiday is just around the corner and I’ve little time & money to get some decorations I like .. Gotta show off my Spirit Of Freedom here.   So I do my usual Google Search and found lots of Flag Projects…    (click on Blue words)     Took me as long to read them all as it would to actually Make a project.     My absolute favorite  was over at the       A bouquet of Flags.  Hand sew or do them up on a machine.  I squealed  with delight when I saw these.   I have fabric & spray paint on hand, sew all I need is those sticks.

Head on over to the Blog  at (link is above in red)   and grab the directions.  I’m headed outside to gather “sticks” today..  

love to fill up an ol vase I have that is candy apple red!!!

Just before I head off to bed, I gotta show you MINE.    Cute fast and fun way to celebrate this years 4th.



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2 Responses to Crafting flags 4 the 4th.

  1. DD#1 says:

    One flag done! 7 more to go…seems to be good therapy for my shoulder, if pain is an indication/definition of “therapy”. Even though I’m not wild about my blue star fabric, I think it will be fine in the end. Will tea-dye/walnut stain them when they’re all done. Have my sticks gathered and an old large Mason jar ready for display. Love yours!!

  2. born2quilt says:

    I made an armload of these to take to our booth at the antique mall and I was stopped by a woman in the parking lot on my way in and she bought all of them!! I have three for our use tomorrow on the 4th….I hope you enjoy the holiday!

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