Saturday Shopping

I really just stopped in at Big Lots to grab some yarn since they have it for $1.00 a skein.. When some  bright colors caught my eye… Quilter Grade Fabric..  A pack of 4 Fat Quarters for $3, and  Charm packs (20) for $3.00

24 strip Jelly rolls for $6.00   So I stocked up.   The selection was small, but I think this is just the beginning since alot of Big quilt/fabric stores are going out of business.  I can Dream, Right??

don’t cha just love unexpected finds… feels like winning the lottery around here.   

Kids are off to visit HIS dad.. who is holding his own, but still “not out of the woods”.  They have him in reverse isolation to prevent any more infections from getting to him.   They got a Kindle Fire for His Mom..who has lost alot of her vision, but could read the Large Font on DD#2’s kindle and loved the audio feature.  She devours audio books..  So now she can take  her books with her where-ever she goes.   Hospitals are NO FUN when you are just waiting for “news”.  

Off to do up the kitchen and make  Deli / Sub  sandwiches for lunching.. a pot of  leek, peas & potato soup on the side and MY Work is DONE..  I may get some sewing time in today.  (I hope)


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2 Responses to Saturday Shopping

  1. DD#1 says:

    Grrr…I see a trip to Big Lots in my near future! Hope mine has a little bit of what you showed. Drizzling today, but nothing like we had Sunday. Studying for boards…bleh. PT three times a week. Nothing new. Love ya!

  2. DD#1 says:

    Booo…my Big Lots only had FQ’s and they weren’t exactly a bargain, and limited choices. I saved my $. Made flags instead.

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