At the machine-hatching chickens.

I joined the pinnies swap over at MSQC…   It’s a make one, get one… which makes it very easy to do and try something new.   For me it was making these little chickens.   Just click on the image to get a bigger view window.   #1 I forgot the “waddle” (that red under the beak.)  #2.. my waddle was too large and I forgot some tail feathers.   But number #3 !!   Just Right!!  Funny how the “third time is a charm”  and  all things come out as it should. 

thus this week end I am making More Chickens!!  Hatching them out one by one from a charm pack of fabric.  Holding them back for gifts around Christmas  and a few for Birthdays.    Wanna know where to find this pattern?   Well of course you do.

    I just used fabric from a 5″ charm pack .. so skip the Log Cabin info and Cut the following:

2 identical blocks, 4″x 4″. (main body)

1 square 2″ x 2 ” of your light fabric (tail feathers)

1 square 3″ x 3″ of your dark fabric. (tail feathers)

1 felt comb, 1 felt beak, 1 felt heart (small shape) for the “waddle” (under the beak)

Rice & Stuffing.   I used some left over B-B ‘s from my son’s B-B Gun instead of the rice. They are round, heavy and a magnet will hold this chick If I need it close.   

I couldn’t find her instructions over at the site.. so here I go.. copying others stuff.  Just DON”T Give me any credits.. send them to quilting works dot com– Read all  directions before starting

1. lay one of your 4×4  pieces of fabric  down on a surface.. Right side UP, facing you.  In one corner, Place the felt beak 1/4 inch down from the top  and place the little heart shape just below the beak.  That is on one side of your corner.  On the other side of your corner, place the “comb” 1/4 inch down from the corner.   It should hold the beak in place.  Remember these will be sewn in the seam – make sure they meet the edge .   (the first diagram should show you correct placement.. just remember to add that little heart “waddle”.)

2.  Add your other 4×4 fabric to the top of this with wrong side facing you.. right side is down.  Line up all your seams and PIN.   I took a cd to make a curve on the BEAK side of my Bird.  Yes, you need a nice curve on that side.    So mark your seam  ** remember it should be on the BEAK side only**

3.    Sew 3 sides of your bird together..  with a 1/4 inch seam with a short stitch- don’t want that rice to fall out.  Start on the “curved side” and end at the 2nd 90 degree turn.   I back stitched at every stop & start, as well as the corner ( it will be the head of your chicken -yes the 90 degree part) 

4.  Trim off the excess fabric from the seam, clip the corner and turn right side out.

5.  make your tail feathers using the diagram shown.. these are prairie points.. small one goes on the top of the larger one.   Attach tail to the open end. leaving a good space to fill with stuffing and rice.   ( I think the diagram shows this step pretty well.)

6.  I sewed the tail onto the “back” or underneath side of my chicken with stitching all the way around the edge to prevent fraying and stretching.  Next, I  closed that edge half way finding the center of the tail and matching it with the seam.  Then I filled and stuffed.   The Rice went in last with a small amount of stuffing to hold it in side as you finish closing that edge. 

7.  Last, I sewed a couple of small buttons on for eyes with the Black Thread, but you can use just the Black thread and sew thru several times (do a French Knot on both sides).   

8.   Play with your chicken til it sets up and clucks for you…   Hugs and have fun.    


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  1. DD#1 says:

    Love them!!

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