ride the Rails..

 Meet up here next week, JUNE 18th, for the Train that will take you for a ride !!   A quilting trip that can be vintage or Modern.. YOU pick the Freight to load onto your BoxCar Blocks.   The blocks work out to a large size.  18 wide x 12 long.    With a space that is 6×6 to place your cargo.

I went with the Hobo theme, but You can load up a circus , a zoo, some old cars (or new ones) even take the family out for a ride.     Hook on as many boxcars as you want!!  

I’ve simplified and corrected the 3 blocks we will be using for our train, so all you have to do is provide your ideas and fabrics.   Go bright, go young, go Old, but don’t forget to grab your Ticket and reserve your space  for a ride on the Rails 

I must give credit to my inspiration for this “trip”..  The book – Hobo Quilt by   Debra G. Henninger.  Altho there appears to be some measurment issues with some of her blocks,   the stories and illustrations are marvelous.   

BARNES & NOBLE SELLS THIS BOOK FOR. $19.18 AND A USED COPY FOR. $5.00   I believe they have a downloadable copy too.  

Be here on the 18th for some loading and laughing..

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One Response to ride the Rails..

  1. DD#1 says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see how you’ve simplified this block. What a nightmare with all the corrections…I’m sure it’ll be great though! All aboard!!

    Home from vacation…call you Sunday night. Love ya!

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