No Photos, No fun happenings.   Just LIFE  & it’s REALITIES…  

Sunday was my 1/2 brothers birthday ( 62) and I gave him a call.   Now we don’t spend our lives comingling and keeping in touch very often.  I do all the contact and he is always thrilled to be remembered.   But we shared alot of grief and pain  growing up, so rather than be reminded and shove our pain onto each other.. we limit contact and shared memories.   (another brother’s death, the break up of our parents & the separation that was forced upon us. I was a great “big” sis)     And so I’ve let the monsters of my past loose to rattle around in my brain and keep me from sleeping very well.   I tossed and turned, finally gave up and went to my sewing closet.  

  His Father, My step-dad  and MY mother.. His Step-mom are both dead now..and we are the only two left from that union. And tho we are not “close” today, we share a bond that no one could really understand unless they went thro the experiences that were forced upon us.  Death makes a bond stronger than anything  ever imaginable.       So when you see a anyone going thru losing a loved one.. please understand this event will be relived for the rest of that persons  life.   Be kind, Be Gentle and Just BE there!!

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One Response to Bonds

  1. debi4weaver says:

    How very sad. Such pain!
    I could wish you and your dear brother begin to make NEW memories as adults, showing the love you have for each other. Others have controlled your lives with pain, but wouldn’t it be so awesome to defeat pain’s hold on your hearts, and become the writers of your own lives together this year!.

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