Be Square 12″ Block

This is a simple looking block, but don’t let it fool you into passing it by …it’s alot of  bias sewing- (that’s the stretchy side of fabric.)   Not as easy to put together as you might think


Heres a great tutorial.. Square in a Square block

First.  Use some heavy, high end fabric.   Not the thin cheaply made stuff that has alot more “give” to it.

Second.  Keep your iron and spray starch handy and use after each addition.  Press each seam.

Three.  Don’t rush thru this block.   Mark the center points  on your triangles and squares.. make sure they meet.. 

Four.  Watch those points!!  Do NOT chop them off.  

This is a generous 12.5 inch unfinished block.  To make a 9 inch…just leave off that last round (7.25) addition.     I’ve yet to make more than just one block, but I can see this pattern as a huge quilt for men in some dark, rich colors.. or a childs quilt with fun bright fabric..

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