Trains N Things

It is not easy, but I continue to put together squares, triangles and strips.  Heat & Bond has saved my sanity more than once.  Those tiny strips (bridges) that go between the wheels are a PAIN… I’m lucky if they do measure one inch..

Whew– time for a break and do some relaxing type stitches. 

Off to the MOVIES

 my favorite on line video instructor- Jenny Doan@ Missouri Quilt Company.     I found this tutorial —Jelly Roll Stars      .to see it, just click on  “Jelly Roll Stars”  Makes an 11 inch block unfinished. 

which looks exactly like one of my favorite “older” quilts…..

but doesn’t have all those triangle points meeting in the center  (see how I marked the pink one?…  I’m in love with another Block..


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One Response to Trains N Things

  1. DD#1 says:

    Did you see my emails? Go Mom go!!

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