Thank Goodness for Pictures

Oh What would I do if  there were NO PICTURES to follow?    I would be totally lost and without a clue as to where to begin…   I’m a visual person.. If I can see it, I can do it.   Or so I think… 

This is one of those time, Ladies.  I think I’ve went a little too far with my thinking  “I CAN DO THAT..”      But I am hooked,,, and not about to give up..     Isn’t this just the absolute greatest idea for a  HOBO quilt..??   Thanks to Debra G. Henninger for her book “Hobo Quilts”,   I’m on a mission to make one of these for myself.   Whew, lots of little pieces and parts… I just gotta think outside the box a little and stretch my quilting (sewing) skills.   Looks simple upon first sighting.. but NOT—-     

Can you imagine the size of each block??  (no fair cheating by having the book and looking up the answer)    They are huge.. and wonderful…   I LOVE  big blocks!!! 

I just want to get those rail road tracks in a straight line  and keep my cars hooked up  together.   Not an easy feat when working one block at a time.. Off to the sewing area to get the ?? worked out .. hoping to find a “short cut” to solving these issues.   (thinking applique or fusible web) I need a straight line across 3 blocks. 

   Granny Judy


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