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Yearly work out–

Had a long morning at the doctors office for a yearly work up–should read “work out”  since it involved  holding still in various positions and stop breathing then breath deep.  Left behind 2 pints of blood and some x-rays to be examined.  That was on Wednesday.. **where did the time go?**  Anyhow I made it thru that experience and moved on to getting some house work done.   Boring— but necessary for everyone’s Mental Health and allergies.  Did I tell ya we have 3 cats and 2 dogs who are at the peak of their shedding fur days?  They don’t mind sharing our chairs, beds and often the table in the kitchen..

THE great big box…


 This it what came in that “box” for Mama’s day.. isn’t it great!!  = Great Big Box

  She’s a keeper that youngest of mine. When she is  working on something this big, she gets all those “sounds” coming out of her and I know not to bother her til it is Silent….. Well everything got real quiet Sunday afternoon and I just had to peek.. ya know.   And sure enough. DD was finished and had disappeared from the room.   Found her napping, but MY BOX is together and I have lots of storage space.. sewing quilts should be a dream at this  station!!    Singing – I’m In Heaven..

So I had to make a special salad for HER.. —

SourCream, Onion & Cuks..

One seedless, burbless cucumber..pealed and sliced very thin (note the grater). 

one cup sour cream seasoned with salt & pepper

2 tablespoons of freezed dried onions.  (Fresh onion is great, too, just gotta slice it thin and dice it small=1/2 cup  *and a few tears that fall with this method)

Gentley Mix/fold all ingrediants together  and refrigerate til ready to eat..   

UMMMM GOOOODDD eatin’ my friends.  


Now to get back to the sewing area and see what is up on the design wall… OH, Yeah.  I think we are still trying to clear up that organizing fabric thing with some plastic boxes.  Gotta store my orphan blocks, BOMs and testing a new pattern for block blocks.   WIP  fast becoming UFO…but I’m fickle and easily distracted.     

OK, gotta get back to the real world and see which part of the house is yelling out ___”Come Fix ME!! “

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