* Block how to…. beginners

I have been totally intrigued with this block since seeing it on a BOM project.. But never got to see the HOW TO’s.. and went into “gotta do this” mode.    Gosh, it is so simple- once you see one done.   I had searched and searched for those how to’s… got tired of looking and not finding, so I experimented on my own.    I’m sure someone has already figured this out, but for those of us who haven’t found those instructions   Here is how I do it.  


 FOR ONE 12 inch finished BLOCK 

1.  you will need:   8.5 x 8.5 square of fabric and one strip of 2.5 x 42 (WOF) in contrasting colored fabric.

2.   make  DIAGONAL  cuts FIRST or your stripes won’t match..

3.  Leave a good one inch extra fabric on each end so when you trim/ square up your block, it will be square!! with Corners intact.   (don’t ask me how I found this out..ok?)   Sew in your strip!!

4. Now to line up and make your other cuts.. Keep that large ruler line on the MEETING POINTS…  Cut and sew in your next strip..

5.   Now make your last cut and sew in your strip… TADA!!!   It’s an Asteric or a British Flag block!!  (yes, I searched under both of those names…)

6.   Square up your block..and Add it to your STASH..       Or make a whole bunch of them for a “one patterned” quilt top.. ME?  Well I’m adding this to my Orphan Blocks for a sampler type quilt.    This is considered a BEGINNER LEVEL Block..

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