A little braggin goin on here…

What goes  together better than Chocolate and Roses??


What needs alot of help going together?     

 Ain’t figured it out yet myself…. I think it has something to do with sewing and machines.  I bet this one will hold that new Singer 9960.. 

It was a great week-end and I got spoilt..  Had a very nice visit with the K side of the family.   It’s like a marathon of conversations all happening at once… But I got it figured out.

I should be doing the Monday’s recipe, but I just wanted to show off my Mama’s Day Goodies.  So perhaps just a tip for you Asparagas Lovers…??

Peel em–

Yes, take that darn tough outer layer off with your potatoe peeler.. before steaming / boiling / broiling them..  Your family will love you for making this healthy veggie more palatable..   easier to eat.  

My favorite tool !!  

hope ya all had a great week end with the MOM’s in your life.     Hugs.  Granny Judy

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