I have had this species of iris growing in every yard that I’ve lived since the 1970’s.. every time I moved, A few bulbs were dug up and went with me.   Back in 2005 I planted a bunch of these old- fashioned NON hybrid Iris’s  and they bloomed, spread and came back profusely til last year… something? killed them off!!  

My son-in-law kept mowing them down.. said  there was no flowers on them, so he thought it was “safe” to mow in that part of the yard.  Even told me that the Black ones threatened him with sharp blades when he got near them, so he had to defend himself–mowed them down too.   Or was it the little furry gophers??   Well, either one would have made them die off.

I did find a few little bulbs huddling in the grass, shivering in fear and afraid to show their heads above the bricks where they were hiding.  I carefully dug them up and transplanted them inside  the raised flower beds–where NO ONE but me is allowed to tread!!  

Look at them This Spring..

they sure aren’t afraid to wave at J as he passes by with the mower now..    Even the “Black” (so dark purple that they look black from a distance)  decided they would come back and no longer hide,, Ya just gotta Keep the Sharp machines away from them : then,  they will reward you with some brilliant colors. 

and with that recovery I joined in just relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the Flowering Iris’s–A poor man’s orchid (as my Gram called them)     My fabrics are also able to show off their colors now with my recent organizing marathon.. the wardrobe now holds all my stash!!   Left side I have showed you a photo with all the 1-3 yards of fabric on comic book boards–

NOW  .. Right side has 3 deep slide out  shelves and 2 slide-out drawers-


Charms   and thats the storage in the wardrobe…                                                   


Fats are 2 rows deep and Jelly rolls stuffed front to back.

 IT’S  all looking colorful and recovered from the mess we peeps make..Now it’s time for this   GRANNY to recover, too.

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