Squash Time

I was awakened early with the sounds of Thunder and rain hitting the tin roof on the patio (just outside my window).   I should have gone back to sleep, but I couldn’t resist Mama Nature’s call to the bathroom!!   Must be all the liquid coming down outside.

Today is the day I get a couple of shelves put in the  closet that is part of my sewing area.. I had to finish a few projects before I tackled this job..so the building materials have been sitting out in my way, reminding me I need to get that closet done.   If all goes well: meaning if I finish it up, then I will have to start “organizing” my stash of Thrift Store Finds and other material.. which is also sitting out on a table staring at me. 

  But ya gotta try this recipe!!  It was delicious!!!  I made it up as I went along, but there may be something like this out there in the cyber world’s recipe file…. and you already know to add fruits and berries to squash dishes.

 Squash with Mixed berries.

I slice off the Neck of the Butternut Squash, leaving a “bowl” to fill with the top pieces of squash that I cube into small pieces.  

In a separate bowl:

Mix 1/4 c margarine or butter with 1/4 cup brown sugar and a teaspoon of salt with your cubed squash .   Add a  1/2 cup of Dried berries , stir it all til coated with the butter and brown sugar.  Place it in the “bowl” part of  your squash.  Place all in a baking pan, cover with tinfoil, add 1 cup water to bottom and bake at 425F for one hour.. leave covering on!!       

Take out of  oven, check with a fork to see if all is done and (soft)  then recover til ready to serve.

.. Now that’ll bring ’em to the table!!  A really sweet veggie, that is Healthy!

Now to get to that closet–

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